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Winter WonderFlow

Winter WonderFlow

Winter WonderFlow Series As the nights get darker and cooler, forget hibernate – instead, meditate! Through inspired, fun, feel-good flowing yoga classes, that is! Get cosy every Thursday, in the hot room with Thy. Starting Thursday, July 6, beat winter blues with these creative, insightful and energising yoga flow classes; from Superhero Flow, to Risky… More details

up for a challenge

Up For A Challenge?

Up For A Challenge?   Our Modo Yoga 30 Day Challenge is drawing near! Do you look at it and go “Heck yes, I’m in!”? Or maybe you’re more the “Umm… timing’s not great right now. I have a lot of work stuff going on”, type of person. Or the classic, “No way! I could… More details

fam jam yoga

Kids Yoga

KIDS YOGA – Why? by Thy Nguyen, Kids’ Yoga Fairy   Believe it or not, it’s hard to be a kid these days. You may not understand this unless you have one. I don’t yet, but I know enough parents, and have taught enough kids from pre-school through to high school to know that it’s not… More details

cats on mats

Cats on Mats!

Presented by Sydney Cat Cafe, MYS is purr-oud to host: CATS ON MATS!   Sydney, it’s time to get your ‘cat-uranga’ on, at CATS ON MATS! Pounce on your chance to purr-ticipate in a cat-themed yoga class at Modo Yoga Sydney, lead by the a-meow-zing Vicky Arundel and featuring adorable (and adoptable!) kittens and cats from Maggie’s… More details