30 Day Challenge Grow Your Yoga

30 day challenge

It’s that time of the year again… Time to GROW YOUR YOGA.

Grow Your Yoga (GYY) is a yearly campaign that all 83 Moksha/Modo studios participate in each year in April to May. GYY is a time for all Moksha/Modo studios to connect as an international community while fundraising for worthwhile organisations. For March and April, we’ll be donating our proceeds from our Sunday karma classes to GYY. We’re so pumped for this year’s theme: FORESTS!

Our studio (MYS) will be fundraising for One Tree Planted which is an organisation that plants trees globally to help reforest the world’s ecosystems. Trees are integral to many ecosystems as they act as a major support for different species in an environment. Trees clean the air many species breathe, clean the water we drink, act as a place to live for 80% of biodiversity in an area and much more! (One Tree Planted, 2018). We LOVE our Aussie trees… okay, we love all trees!

30 day challenge modo yoga sydney

We’re encouraging all students to post photos of their favourite tree poses (and trees in nature!) throughout the GYY month (during the 30 Day Challenge) Be sure to tag us on Instagram and Facebook to share your tree journey – and get creative! Our 30 Day Challenge (30DC) will run from Friday, April 13 – Saturday May 12 and will wrap with a super fun last class with live music and party to follow and a grand prize draw! … Oh, that’s right, we’re including a BINGO game as part of this year’s Challenge.

Remember that BINGO card game you played back when you were a kid? Well, we’ve brought it back – MYS style! Over the 30DC, there will be HEAPS of squares for you to stamp in-studio every day, to help win prizes for practicing all month long. So along with practicing 30 classes in 30 days, you can also take your practice off the mat with the suggestions on our BINGO squares. The list below are just a few ways we’ll be practicing yoga off-mat. Make rows/shapes by “stamping” off your squares to win sweet prizes from us and local businesses!

  • Attend a karma class with a mate.
  • Practice a yin class.
  • Drink 2L or more of water in a day.
  • Cook a meal for a loved one.
  • Spend a day with a tree (i.e. hiking, reading, picnic, etc…)
  • And more!

There will be prizes for the first person to complete one horizontal line, one diagonal line, one vertical line, making an “X”, completing all the borders, and those who complete both the 30 Day Challenge and the whole BINGO card are entered into a Grand Prize Draw! We’ve teamed up with some of our amazing friends in Rosebery for the prizes. The Grand Prize, is going to be one month unlimited month of yoga with us, some goodies from local businesses in our hood, and a few other fun surprises!

Sign up for the 30 Day Challenge NOW! BINGO cards will be ready for pick up by March 13 and when you sign up, it will go up on the wall, ready for stamps!


APRIL 13 – MAY 12, 2018

$29 for monthly/AIR Members

30 day challenge

Thinkin’ about signing up for the challenge but are unsure? Here are some great reasons and awesome positive affects of a taking on a 30 Day Challenge:

  • Helps to foster a regular yoga practice and is an incredible keystone habit (habits that help create positive change in many other areas of your life) in your life
  • Can help deepen your existing practice (deepen physically, mentally, spiritually)
  • Introduce you to more of the amazing MYS community!
  • Access to 4 yoga workshops over the month
  • Keep you body and mind active as we go into cooler months and the tendency may be to slow down or stop physical activity; keeping you limber and alert for your day-to-day
  • A BIG PARTY at the end!