Ambassador Program

The Ambassador Program at Modo Yoga Sydney is unique and very special both to the studio and to the members of the Ambassador Program itself. It is great way to share in the positive vibes of MYS and continue your strong and dedicated yoga practice both on and off the mat.

ambassador program

It works like this… you work 3 hours in a week, helping to clean the studio (tidying the change rooms, mopping the hot room, doing laundry etc…) and in exchange you receive UNLIMITED classes for FREE for the duration your agreement (usually 8 weeks). It’s important to know going in that this is NOT A VOLUNTEER position, it is an clear, outlined agreement where we mutually benefit! It can involve hard work because these positions require commitment, a solid work ethic and positive energy. It’s a great way to get to know your teachers and other students, and become an Ambassador for the Modo Yoga Sydney community!
Please email to inquire further about this awesome opportunity.