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Yin Yoga

Relaxing Meditation Sessions in Sydney

At Modo Yoga, we specialise in a range of classes that aim to help you relax, unwind and become more in tune with your mind and body. We believe that the greatest form of exercise is one that stimulates your body and mind at the same time. With a team of caring and experienced staff, we are here to help you cultivate your healthiest, happiest self.

Classes to soothe the body and soul

Yin yoga is both a gentle and challenging yoga practice. Poses are held for 3-5 minutes, stretching deep muscle tissue and fascia. Most poses are seated or reclined. The slower nature of this practice is often described as a “moving meditation”. This class may be more mentally challenging for some because it is a quieter, slower practice. You will come to learn that simple doesn’t necessarily mean easy. A great complement to your regular practice and suitable for all levels. This is class is usually warm (between 26-29 degrees), as it is usually held after a hot class.

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Located in Rosebery, near Alexandria and surrounding inner west and south Sydney suburbs, Modo Yoga prides itself being a haven for all who find us. Check out our introductory special offer and join one of our classes to see what all the talk is about.