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30 day challenge grow your yoga


GROW YOUR YOGA & 30 DAY YOGA CHALLENGE   It’s that time of the year again… Time to GROW YOUR YOGA. Grow Your Yoga (GYY) is a yearly campaign that all 83 Moksha/Modo studios participate in each year in April to May. GYY is a time for all Moksha/Modo studios to connect as an international community while fundraising for… More details

up for a challenge

Up For A Challenge?

Up For A Challenge? Our Modo Yoga 30 Day Challenge is drawing near! Do you look at it and go “Heck yes, I’m in!”? Or maybe you’re more the “Umm… timing’s not great right now. I have a lot of work stuff going on”, type of person. Or the classic, “No way! I could never… More details