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summer treat

Ultimate Yogi Day

Summer (Re)Treat! aka Thy’s Yoga Day of Fun! Friends! (Re) Treat yourself to an urban yoga getaway on this one day retreat with Thy! This yoga-filled day is complete with a few different asana practices, breath work and meditation, and interesting and inspiring talks about how to live your best life and cultivate more happiness!… More details


Happiness Retreat

~ HAPPINESS RETREAT Join Thy for a Happy-filled weekend, on a yoga retreat to remember. Set in the beautiful seascape of Callala Beach (about 2 hours south of Sydney), you’ll enjoy a few days of bliss away from the hustle and bustle of the city where you can indulge in yoga, great food and wonderful company…. More details

yin & massage

Yin & Massage

Yin & Massage Yin & Massage (aka Yin & Tonic) is back by popular demand! A special extended 90-minute yin with massage from our teachers and soothing, sweet guitar sounds to lull you into deep state of calm. Sunday, November 5th. This indulgent session nourishes your body and soul with hands-on-adjustments and mini-massages by Thy and… More details

5 week wake up

5 Week Wake Up

5 Week Wake Up! From October 15 – November 18, join us for a new kind of challenge. Yoga is connection; and practicing yoga holistically is about integrating yoga into all facets of your life. When you live your yoga, you cultivate an open heart, mind and inspired spirit; and can live more authentically and with joy!… More details

up for a challenge

Up For A Challenge?

Up For A Challenge? Our Modo Yoga 30 Day Challenge is drawing near! Do you look at it and go “Heck yes, I’m in!”? Or maybe you’re more the “Umm… timing’s not great right now. I have a lot of work stuff going on”, type of person. Or the classic, “No way! I could never… More details

fam jam yoga

Kids Yoga

KIDS YOGA – Why? by Thy Nguyen, Kids’ Yoga Fairy — Join us for FAM YAM YOGA on the 23rd of July! — Believe it or not, it’s hard to be a kid these days. You may not understand this unless you have one. I don’t yet, but I know enough parents, and have taught enough… More details

cats on mats

Cats on Mats!

This event has passed, but check out our upcoming events for more fun yoga workshops and community events! Presented by Sydney Cat Cafe, MYS is purr-oud to host: CATS ON MATS!   Sydney, it’s time to get your ‘cat-uranga’ on, at CATS ON MATS! Pounce on your chance to purr-ticipate in a cat-themed yoga class… More details