tuesdays yoga foundations schedule

Tuesdays Yoga Foundations Schedule

Below’s a note from Son with descriptions of his classes that ran from April 5 through May 31 of 2016 – check out our current classes or upcoming events for more!

Tuesdays Yoga Foundations Schedule!

It has been my pleasure and privilege to start teaching the Yoga Foundations classes this year. As the name suggests, the focus for these classes is to build a strong and mindful foundation for a sustainable yoga practice. The room is unheated, meaning you will build your own internal heat through the union of breath and movement.

This class is designed for all levels with special attention to fostering greater understanding of alignment, concentration, and breath. So, feel free to join us if you’re newer to yoga or would just like to reconnect with the fundamentals.

Each week will be guided by a particular focus and within each class we might move through a flow sequence, break down specific poses, build towards a peak pose, or learn how to use props (or the wall) for safe variations and extensions. Each week will build from the previous one, but you can join in at any time.


April 5 | Warrior Poses

In this class we will focus on alignment and transitions for Virabhadrasana 1, 2, and 3. These standing poses help us build strength, flexibility, and balance while cultivating our concentration.

April 12 | Front Body Flow

This week we will focus on the front body and poses that create space and strength, particularly opening through the shoulders and chest. All are welcome – beginners, athletes, and those who work at a desk may particularly enjoy exploring opening through the front body.

April 19 | Balance

Balancing poses help to build a strong foundation for your yoga asana practice. This class focuses on strength, flexibility, and concentration in balancing poses – possibly having a play with both standing and arm balances. We will explore drishti and stability as we root to rise.

April 26 | Inversions

Flip your perspective by learning about the fundamentals of a safe inversion practice. This class is designed for all levels to prepare and strengthen your body and mind for inversions. We’ll breakdown poses and explore variations for all students to enjoy the benefits of inversions.

May 3 | Back Bending

In many ways, a focus on back bending is synchronous with our previous Front Body Flow, as it helps to open up the shoulders and chest, while also stretching the hip flexors and building strength and mobility in the back body and spine.

May 10 | Hips and Hamstrings

Bring awareness to your hips and hamstrings to release tension, develop length and flexibility, and cultivate patience and mindfulness in your practice.

May 17 | Core Flow

A flow sequence that builds strength in our abdominals and awareness of our core. We’ll re-connect with the power of sun salutations and bring a playful attitude to safely explore poses that build strength and heat.

May 24 | Spaciousness in the Side Body

In this class we focus on creating length and strength through the side body. We will learn to safely create mobility and expansiveness in the ribs, abdominals, and hips while bringing attention to the side body.

May 31 | Twisting

Twists are a healthy metaphor for detoxifying the body by stimulating circulation and releasing tension in the muscles of the spine, abdomen, and rib cage. In this class we may explore standing, seated, and reclining twists (and possibly explore a twisting arm balance or two).