yoga dates

Yoga Dates!

 … a.k.a. Things To Do Pre or Post-Yoga Class

So you live in Rosebery, or nearby and love coming to yoga and think to yourself, “What’s going on around here? I want to bring a friend to class with me and then where can we go afterwards?”

Well, let me tell you, there are SO many things to do ’round these parts, so call up your mat buddy and set some yoga dates!

First of all, have you heard about all the cool stuff happening around Rosebery? Green Square developments are already underway and within the next few years we’ll soon have an aquatic centre, new library and community creative hub nearby! Learn more about all the exciting developments and how it’s going to be an exemplar of green living and sustainability –totally aligning with Modo Yoga’s Pillars!

yoga dates!


yoga dates!

You have surely seen or walked past the delightful café that is Mentmore and Morley, on the ground floor of our building. From this Saturday, October 10th, they will be open Saturdays – hooray! The entire menu is a #foodie dream! The ‘Shakshuka’ and Vietnamese Salad are our personal faves and the team there are amazing humans, in general.

We are at no loss for plenty of food options around here! A lovely day of yoga and food might also include: Black Star Pastry’s to-die-for croissants after a morning class, Koskela Kitchen at lunch for a beautiful fresh salad, and da Mario’s incredible pizza for dinner!

And hold on to your hats, because directly across from us, on Morley Ave, is the Saporium, home of Zeus Street Greek, The Choc Pot, Grain Organic Bakery and a few other food gems! Definitely going to need your hot yoga fix to balance out all these tastiness that abounds.

Okay, let’s move on from food for a moment (I know it’s hard)… Some pre-yoga ideas could include a visit to the Green Square Markets in Zetland at Joynton Park, which offers fresh organic produce, local artisans and vendors in a beautiful green space. Or taking a cruisy walkabout around the ever-charming Danks Street, Waterloo before meandering over for an arvo sweat session here.

For the adrenaline junkies, enjoy a 5 km Parkrun at St Peters or Cooks River, or check out the new indoor climbing centre! 9 degrees Boulder Gym, just a stone’s throw away in Alexandria will strengthen and tighten all parts of you, to thoroughly enjoy a yin class with us afterwards.

We love our hood and are big supporters of yoga dates! Inner South Sydney’s got it going on, so if you haven’t explored around here yet, grab a mate and your mat, because you’re in store for a real treat; body, mind and taste buds!