Corporate Yoga Plans


Trade in weekly work drinks and give your office the gift of wellness! We’re definitely about balance and agree that Friday drinks can be nice, but leaving a hot yoga class is can be even more satisfying.

A midday or after work yoga session can energise, spark creativity and leave you feeling refreshed, inspired and ready to take on the world! To transform your team’s productivity, health and happiness, check out our accessible and flexible corporate offerings below. Alternatively, you can email us at with any questions you may have, or if you have a smaller office, we could possibly cater a different price option for you.

About Us… Benefits of Hot Yoga Plan Options
Modo Yoga Sydney is part of a community of hot yoga studios around the world, also known as Moksha Yoga in Canada.

We offer a variety of classed to suit all levels.

Out yoga studio is built on the foundation of clean, green, conscious construction that is designed to create a calm and heatly environment for your practice.
Modo Yoga Sydney has been featured on:
The Urban List
Channel 7 Sunrise

For your body
Builds upper and lower body strength, balance, flexibility, and cardiovascular health.
Focuses on trating and preventing commonly cranky areas of the body such as lower back and knees.

Detox and burn calories
The heat and heavy sweating helps to open the pores and help flush toxins from the skin and body.
In a 1 hour class you can burn on average 475 calories.

For your brain
Stress reduction associated with yoga helps to clam and balance the nervous system.
Increases blood flow to the brain for mental alertness, clarity, better decision making and creativity.

For your breath
The average person takes 900 breaths an hour. Modo Yoga encourages you to make each and every one of them count, on and off the mat.

For the business
Improves the immune system and overall health, resulting in less sick days.
Increases productivity, motivation and work performance.

Plan Options

Standard – $575/month
($11.90/week per person)

  • Up to 12 employees may practice unlimitedly.

Plus – $1100/month
($11/week per person)

  • Up to 25 employees may practice unlimitedly.
  • 10% off all retail merchandise.

Premium – $1600/month
($10/week per person)

  • Up to 40 employees may practice unlimitedly.
  • 15% off all retail merchandise.
  • FREE mat hire.

(monthly membership is usually $140/month per person)