What To Bring

The best way to start your hot yoga class is by being prepared! Here’s what to bring:


Yoga Mat (don’t have one with you? no problem, rent one from us!)

what to bring



2  Towels (also available to rent) – 1 for your yoga mat because you’ll get sweaty & 1 for a shower post-class (if you plan to take a rinse).

what you'll needwhat you'll need




Re-useableWater Bottle. Filtered water is available in the change rooms and we sell Frequency water too!

what you'll need


what to bring

Avoid coming to class on a full stomach- but make sure you’re well nourished. You’ll need energy for your class!

what you'll needwhat to bring

Arrive well hydrated… drink plenty of water before class!

what to bring

Wear clothes you feel comfortable getting sweaty in depending on which class you choose.

what to bringbottomtop

Arrive at least 10 minutes before class. *Latecomers are not permitted to class! Yes, totally serious.*

what to bring


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